How it all began...

Hello from Linda Reinert. Welcome to the farm where I like to  create mosaics and teach others this therapeutic art form!  Mosaics at the Farm began with a spark. After seeing a friend’s mosaic art posted online I thought, “I want to do that!” I searched Pinterest and YouTube and bought some supplies to create my first mosaic. I had no idea what I was doing, and along the way made plenty of mistakes. That only spurred me on.   It was fun to post my creations on my personal Facebook page. Friends began to inquire, “Can I do that, too?”  My response was “Yes!, you’ll just need to come to the farm.”  It never occurred to me that they really would travel to the farm.  But they did.  My first group sat in my dusty garage and dug through five-gallon buckets of discarded stained glass and created wonderful pieces. Word spread. My hobby turned into a business in 2018.

Teaching Mosaics Classes

Since then, I have enjoyed hundreds of guests at the farm and now with a ”new and improved farm”, I hope to have hundreds more.  I cannot wait for my early guests to return to see the set-up from its humble beginnings.  No more rickety folding tables and five-gallon buckets.  No more sharing the space with car-repair equipment. My new workshop even includes a back room where guests can enjoy their lunch and peruse my creations that are for sale.  

If you make a road trip to the Farm, you will experience its peace and tranquility and you’ll go home with a masterpiece of ‘broken to beautiful’.  It is a great way to relax and rejuvenate. Grab some friends and come restore your soul.

Speaking at Your Event

Sometimes groups have me speak on the message of “Broken to Beautiful” and the metaphor that mosaics is to life.  The message focuses on how our “life plates” get scratched, chipped, broken or discarded and how God takes our brokenness and makes something new, beautiful and of good purpose.  Beauty from ashes.  A new mosaic from an unwanted piece of pottery.

The groups will often use part of their time to create a small mosaic to take home as a reminder of the message.  I call it a “Taste of Mosaics” as they do not enjoy the full experience that they have when they come to the Farm.

My Love for Vintage Dishes

I have an affinity for vintage dishes, so my workshop is stocked floor to ceiling with old dishes to use. Many of my creations include vintage dishes, from the smallest pendant to my extra large wall art.  Using various pieces of pottery in mosaics is called “Pique Assiette” mosaics.  This French term translates to “plate thief”.  I don’t steal the plates, but I do find them at auctions, thrift stores, and garage sales.  Friends will even give me their unwanted dishes. Such a lovely way to recycle. 

Selling my art

I attend juried shows and local events, large and small. I also have my items on this website and Etsy.  You can always purchase my items at the Farm. Custom orders are welcome.  I’ve created many custom orders, which can be seen in my gallery of custom art. (is this possible to have a picture gallery of my past customs??)